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What is the importance of 5Ks' in Sikhism?

The 5Ks' are the five articles of faith that Sikh's wear at all times as commanded by the tenth Guru, Guru Gobind Singh Ji. The 5Ks' are as follows:
  1. KESH: A Sikh is to maintain and adorn the natural God given gift that is Hair. A Sikh keeps his hair uncut, whether it may be the hair on the head or the beard or hair present anywhere else on the body to indicate the perfection of God's creation. The kesh is covered with a turban or a chunni (dupatta) in general to show respect to the Almighty and symbolizes spiritual power.
  2. KANGA: It is a small wooden comb that Sikhs keep for the maintenance and on going upkeep of the Kesh. It is a reminder to regularly maintain the body and mind in a clean and healthy manner.
  3. KARA: Kara is an iron bangle which symbolizes an unbreakable bond with God. It serves a reminder that the Sikh is a child of Lord and must work in accordance with the holy scripture Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji. It also symbolizes unity, of self and a process of constant learning, abstaining from wrong doing at all times
  4. KACHERA: It is an undergarment naturally comfortable, dignified attire reflective of modesty and self-control. A sign of a soldier ever ready, dignified and highly mobile. It reminds of controlling self and the urges of KAAM (lust).
  5. KIRPAN: Kirpan (small SWORD) is a sign that a Sikh is a soldier in the Akal Purakh's (God) Army, always there to protect the weak and needy and fight against injustice. KIRPA - to help others ; AAN - for self respect.


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